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The Moderator Of General Assembly Presbyterian Church Of Pakistan - Rev.Javed Gill

Greeting in the precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ… Is a great pleasure and privilege for me to be moderator, general Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. As we are passing Through the Advent season, the season of joy and happiness. God sent His son Jesus Christ in this world for the redemption of our sins and to spread peace and harmony on the Globe. Although we have been Facing serious challenges in the past year 2018. But inspite of the Difficult tin times, we have courageously survived and put the Church on Right direction. I would really love to congratulate and appreciate the Unshaken trust and support of all my fellows, especially all the Moderators of Presbyterian . my heart is filled with gratitude and Prayers for those clergy fellows who are ministering in the far off rural Areas, with commitment and zeal, and without having any ample Financial support from the PCP office , and they stood firm and faithful With us . I am very optimistic that in the year 2020.We will surely Overcome all the challenges and God is going to shun all obstacles… I have a very sheer vision of the prosperity , sublimity and progress of The Church in coming year. I am awfully determined to mobilize and stir Up all the integral components of Church i.e. youth , Women and Sunday School Through sustainable objects. Nevertheless L wish to infuse a new Spirit and rejuvenate and reunite the Church through love, compassion and harmony.Many the Load Jesus bless you all and the Presbyterian Church as well. Amen your’s in Christ…Rev Javed Gill….Moderator PCP Long live PCP Long live Pakistan

The Vice-Moderator of general assembly presbyterian church of pakistan - Elder Ayub

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.“And whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father of Him.” (Col 3:17)

I am immensely grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ who through His grace choose me to serve as the vice moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Very categorically, I state that, I have come with a sheer vision, Church is my soul, church is my spirit, and above all church is my life. I would be pleased to mention my father Mr. Elder Ghulam Masih (Ex moderator of the Kamoke Presbytery) who has always been a beacon and inspiration to me. I am absolutely determined to utilize my potentialities for the welfare and prosperity of the Presbyterian Church. I have a dream for the Presbyterian pastors. They are combating with their financial needs. Much is to be done to tranquil destitute lives. I have a dream that the Presbyterian Church may flourish and it may remain a constant source to propagate the message of the “ Prince of Peace” to establish harmony and fraternity in the chaotic contemporize era. May the Lord Jesus help all of us to trust his Sovereign hand and prompt us to work for PCP and embolden us to live out our faith in the perilous times. May the peace of Lord Jesus be with Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Executive Members of General Assembly - presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Rev. Javed Silvester

General Secretary - General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Rev.Samuel Titus

Treasurer General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Major Jawaid Rahmat ullah Retd.

Executive Secretary - General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan


Sikander Peter

Head of Development Section - General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Rev.Shahzada Sarfraz

Youth Coordinator - General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan