Organization of Church

  1. Session.
    The session is the main body which runs the Church, the head of the session is the serving pastor of the Church, and the session consists of three to twelve elders. One elder is usually elected on every twentyfive communicant members.
  2. Pastor.
    The pastor is moderator of the session; he should be a graduate of the Gujranwala Theological Seminary or any other seminary recognized by the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. It is essential for the pastor that he has the support of the congregation. The pastors along with the elders are responsible for the development and spiritual care of the church.
  3. Pastor’s Assistant.
    If the pastor and the session feel that the Congregation requires/needs a pastor’s assistant, the Congregation shall appoint an assistant on self-help basis, but, the assistant shall not have the authorities of a pastor. The session shall intimate the General Assembly through the Presbytery about the appointment of the Pastor’s Assistant.
  4. Elders.
    The elders along With the pastor are responsible for the administration, care and spiritual uplift of the congregation. They will keep order and sobriety in the house of God and assist the pastor in the sacrament of Holy Communion and visitation to people’s house. Women can be elected as elder if the Congregation/session SO desire.
  5. Deacons.
    The deacon’s position is a seat of service which does not include the power of ordination and administration, his duty is to care for the sick, poor, serve those who have problem and preach the Word of God by visiting people’s homes. The deacon assists the pastor and elders by performing God’s service in any congregation.