We have the following institutions in the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, the ownership of the same is inherited from the Presbyterian Church (USA), one third (1/3) of the membership is nominated by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and send as members on these boards.

They all have independent boards.

Each institution elects one individual from their board, who sits as member on the executive committee of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan.

  1. Presbyterian Medical Board.
  2. Presbyterian Education Board.
  3. Adult Basic Education Society (ABES).
  4. Society for Community Development (SCD).
  5. Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institution,Faisalabad Center.
  6. United Bible Training Center.
  7. Gujranwala Theological Seminary.
  8. Intensive Agricultural Project.
  9. Pakistan Christian Recording Ministry (PCRM).
  10. Benefits Plan for Presbyterian Ministers and Evangelists.
  11. Forman Christian College (A Chartered University).