Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, under the leadership of the General Assembly and its Moderator, Rev. Javed Gill, continues to uphold its enduring legacy in South Asia as a vital minority Christian community. This message emphasizes the Church’s dedication to its mission and its congregations, both nationally and internationally, grounded in its core values of Reconciliation, Unity, and Adherence to Bylaws. These principles are more than just slogans; they are the foundation upon which the Church seeks to build and grow.

Historical Context and Commitment

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan has a rich history in the region, dating back to the missionary efforts that first brought Christianity to South Asia. Despite being a minority, the Church has remained steadfast in its commitment to fostering faith, hope, and love within its community. This commitment is seen in the Church’s unwavering dedication to its congregants and its proactive approach to addressing their spiritual needs.

The Call for Sincerity and Outreach

Rev. Javed Gill’s message extends a heartfelt call to all Presbyteries and congregations to engage sincerely in their faith and to share this sincerity with the broader community. The Church recognizes that its influence and responsibility extend beyond its immediate borders. By sharing its message and engaging in outreach, the Church aims to embody the teachings of Christ, serving as a beacon of faith and hope.

Reconciliation and Unity

At the heart of the Church’s mission are the principles of Reconciliation and Unity. These values are essential for fostering a harmonious community that reflects the inclusive and unifying spirit of the Gospel. The emphasis on by-laws signifies a structured approach to governance, ensuring that the Church operates with integrity and transparency. By adhering to these values, the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan seeks to bridge gaps, heal divisions, and bring together its members in a spirit of collective faith and cooperation.

Embracing New Dimensions for Future Growth

Looking to the future, the Church is focusing on the spiritual growth of the next generation. This forward-thinking approach involves embracing new dimensions and opportunities that support the development of young people within the Church. By nurturing their spiritual growth, the Church aims to equip them with the faith and values needed to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

A Vision for the Future

Rev. Javed Gill and the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan are committed to guiding their community with a vision that is both rooted in tradition and open to future possibilities. This vision is characterized by a deep-seated commitment to nurturing faith, fostering unity, and encouraging the spiritual development of future generations.

In conclusion, the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, through the leadership of Rev. Javed Gill and the principles of Reconciliation, Unity, and Bylaws, remains a steadfast beacon for its members. It calls upon all Presbyteries and congregations to embrace these values, share the Church’s message with sincerity, and look forward to new dimensions of spiritual growth and community development.


Reconciliation,Unity bylaws

Let’s Bring them for Christ

Presbyterian Church of Pakistan: Reconciliation and Unity Process for 2024

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan (PCP) is embarking on a significant journey towards reconciliation and unity, anchored by the theme “Truth will set you free.” This initiative aims to restore the church’s constitution and renew its commitment to serving the community and honoring Jesus Christ.

Key Aspects of the Reconciliation Process:

Restoration of the Church’s Constitution:

The effort to restore the constitution of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is central to this initiative. The constitution serves as the foundational document that outlines the governance, doctrinal stances, and operational procedures of the church.

Restoring it involves revisiting, reaffirming, and possibly amending the bylaws and policies that govern the church’s activities, ensuring they align with both the foundational Christian values and the contemporary needs of the church community.

Rev. Javed Gill’s Leadership:

Rev. Javed Gill has been appointed as the Moderator of the General Assembly for 2024. His leadership is seen as pivotal in steering the church through this period of transformation.

Known for his commitment to unity and service, Rev. Gill’s role will be crucial in mediating discussions, guiding the reconciliation process, and fostering a spirit of collaboration among the church’s members.

Focus on Service and Unity:

The theme for this reconciliation process is encapsulated in the call to “serve for the Church and reunite.” This reflects a dual commitment to active service within the church community and a concerted effort to heal divisions and foster unity.

By emphasizing service and honor to Lord Jesus Christ, the church aims to build a cohesive community that works together for common spiritual and social goals.

Steps in the Reconciliation Process:

Constitutional Review and Amendments:

A committee will be established to review the current constitution and propose necessary amendments. This process will involve consultations with clergy, lay leaders, and congregants to ensure that the changes reflect the collective will of the church.

Key areas of focus will include governance structures, roles and responsibilities within the church, and the integration of modern practices while maintaining theological integrity.

Dialogue and Mediation:

Regular forums and meetings will be conducted to facilitate open dialogue among different factions within the church. These sessions will be designed to address grievances, misunderstandings, and conflicts that may have caused divisions in the past.

Mediation efforts led by Rev. Javed Gill and other senior leaders will aim to build trust and foster a spirit of reconciliation.

Community Engagement and Service Initiatives:

The church will launch a series of service-oriented projects that engage members in collective action, reinforcing the message of unity through shared purpose and effort.

These initiatives could include outreach programs, social services, and collaborative worship events that draw the community together in a common mission.

Educational and Spiritual Renewal:

Workshops, seminars, and retreats focused on theological education and spiritual growth will be offered to congregants. These programs will emphasize the core Christian values of love, forgiveness, and unity.

Spiritual renewal activities will be integrated into the church’s regular programming to continually reinforce the commitment to these principles.

Positive Outcomes Anticipated:

Stronger Governance and Unity: The restoration of the constitution and the emphasis on service are expected to result in more robust governance structures and a united church community.

Enhanced Spiritual Life: Through renewed commitment to Christian teachings and values, the church aims to deepen the spiritual lives of its members.

Increased Community Impact: With a focus on service and engagement, the church is poised to have a more significant impact on the broader community, reflecting its mission to honor Lord Jesus Christ through action.

Call to Action:

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan invites all its members to participate actively in this transformative process. Together, let us come together, serve the Church, and give honor to Lord Jesus Christ, as we move forward in faith and unity.

The Process of Reconciliation is started…

Behind the seen some positive forces serving with visionary Goal called “One Church” and corruption free. The Church strength in unity and two major groups were come together and dialogues…


How to restore constitution?

How does Church management do serve?

Meet our team

Church Executive member serving as team

Rev.Javed Gill

Moderator, General Assembly Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Sikander Peter

Head of Development Section Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Elder Ayub

Voice Moderator,General Assembly Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

General Secretary

General Assembly

Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Finance Secretary

General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Rev.Shahzada Sarfraz

Youth Coordinator, Representative of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

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