Evangelistic Outreach

  1. Evangelistic out reach.
    The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan at present is doing the following outreach project.
    a. Church Planting
    b. Sialkot Convention
    c. Church planting in Southern Punjab in Marwarri, Kohli and Bheel Tribes
    d. Presbyterian School of Distant Learning
    e. Evangelism in Bahawalpur with LOW cast Hindus
  2. Church Planting.
    Presbyterian Church has vision to plant churches and spread the Gospel to people who are living in remote area of Pakistan. Presbyterian Church has presently appointed five pastors as Church planters in different Presbyteries. These pastors are working hard in the field to serve God and win the Souls for Christ.
  3. Sialkot Convention.
    It is known as the mother Convention in Pakistan, this convention was started in 1904 by the Presbyterian Missionaries, and it has completed 110 years. Thousands of people got healing and new life in Christ from this convention; the preachers are usually the Presbyterian Pastors.
  4. Church planting in Marwarri, Kohli and Bheel Tribes.
    Presbyterian Church feels the need of evangelism in non-believers. Presbyterian Church of Pakistan has appointed a graduate from Gujranwala Theological Seminary and his wife who are preaching Gospel in these tribes. Recently the Moderator and Deputy Executive Secretary paid a visit to these tribes and also distributed relief good.
  5. Evangelism in Bahawalpur with Low cast Hindus.
    Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is working with low caste Hindus in Bahawalpur and distributing relief goods, recently Moderator along with the delegation visited the area.