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You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. (Matthew 5:14)

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The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan was constituted in 1993. It has a long history rooted in the establishment of the Lahore Church Council of the United Church in Pakistan and the Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Presbyterian Mission in the area was started in 1854 by the United Presbyterian Church of North America. The first Presbytery was formed in 1859 and the synod of Punjab in 1893, which was declared autonomous in 1961 with the name of United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Presbyterian Church of Pakistan belongs to a family of Reformed Churches. The church is organized in sessions (the basic unit which comprises a pastor and a few elders), presbyteries (which consists of at least ten sessions) and the general assembly, which is the highest body and meets annually. General assembly is represented by the 1/4delegates of all the presbyteries. The Presbyteries have the central position in the whole system of the Church. Presbyterian Church consists of 22 Presbyteries. The church consists of the people at large, the total estimated number is more than 300,000. It contains over 300 congregations and 260 pastors. These numbers are rapidly increasing by the vision of Church Planting by the Presbyterians.




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