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The purpose of the Presbyterian medical Board is to provide, as far as available means may allow, for the management, under Christian auspices and in accordance with the goals of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, for hospitals, nursing schools, clinics and public health programs with high medical and educational standards, and to determine the general policies for the work of these institutions.

To make available, through the institutions and programs under its management, medical facilities to all those who are ill and seek help, with the best available quality of care at the lowest reasonable cost, thus demonstrating the love of Christ to the people of Pakistan.

To train nurses and other paramedical workers, through the institutions and programs under its managements, for service to the health needs of the nation and to provide opportunity to Christian's young people and other for professional careers in the field of medicine.

There are two hospitals working under this board.

a. Christian hospital, Taxila
b. Memorial Christian Hospital, Sialkot











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