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Gujranawala Theological Education

Presbyterians are the initiator of Theological education in Pakistan. The Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of North America established theological seminary in Sialkot in 1877. It was in 1912 that it moved to its present location in Gujranawala. It has completed its 132 years successfully and generating trained and well equipped with sound theological education.

Negotiations were conducted between 1946 an d1953 for a united theological institution, resulting in the establishment of a united board of directors in 1954. The seminary became an registered institution under societies registration act in 1959.

Nature and Purpose:
Gujranwala Theological Seminary exists to instruct candidates for Christian ministry in Biblical Studies and to prepare them for service in the Christian Church and generally provide training in Christian Character and mission.

The constitution provides that teaching of the seminary is in accordance with scriptural and creedal.












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