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Dear friends, greetings and regards in the might name of our Lord Jesus. I give thanks to God for is continuous care and blessing s for the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. PCP continues its relief activities in the most difficult and the worst hit areas. In my previous reports I have informed you about our preference to serve the most neglected and the neediest victims of floods. We took the second trip to the district of Rahim Yar Khan on October 10th, 2010. This was the most difficult trip so far. Personally, I prepared everything along with my team but got sick a day before and was unable to travel with the relief team. Yet to encourage the young team members, I stood with the trucks as supervised the loading. We hired two trucks to carry the goods. We had discussed with the truck company about the stuff that we wished to carry. But the trucks that company sent were not good enough to carry all the stuff. PCP relief led by the moderator himself left very late on the night of 10th. The team embarked on a 14 hours journey by road which was lengthen considerably due to the trucks getting punctured on the way. But once all the goods were received in the appointed place team got very busy in distribution. We served over 500 families in 11 different villagesof Distrcit of Rahim Yar Khan. The villages we served are:
  1. Mohiab Shah
  2. Barder
  3. Chak# 118
  4. Goth Trahll
  5. Chak # 206
  6. Goth Ashique Bhore
  7. Kot Sabzel
  8. Goth Jind Wada
  9. Chuto Chaeher
  10. Goth Bheen
  11. Chak # 117

By God's grace and with the help of our partners we were able to distribute to each family:

  1. One sack of food items containing; rice 5kg, wheat floor 10kg, sugar 2kg, lintels 1gk, grams 1gk, milk 2kg, tea leaves 500grams, salt 1gk, chili powder 500grams, cooking oil 2gk.
  2. Hygene items; washing powder 2kg, bath soap 4 cakes, tooth pastes and tooth brushes.
  3. Tents; as most of the people are without any roof on their heads, we were able to provide very god tents, one for each family. Tents were the most expensive items. It cost us Rs. 2850000. The recipients most grateful for the provision of tents. Tents are still needed.
  4. SHOE BOXES FOR CHILDERN. One of the most exciting experiences was to share shoe boxes filled with wonderful toys for the children. It was great to see the shining eyes of the little children as they opened their gifts.
  5. We were also able to provide clean water in 4 different places. We installed water pumps for the clean drinking water.
  6. Dinner Sets. We also provided one dinner set to each family. The dinner sets consisted of 75 pieces of melamine articles
  7. Winter bedding. One of the biggest needs as the winter is approaching is warm clothes and winter bedding. We were able to provide winter bedding to each family.
  8. Warm winter clothes. Warm clothes, like pullovers, sweaters and jerseys were also provided.
  9. Medical Camp: One of the things that we are truly grateful was the medical service that we provided at this time. This was the first time that we took the medical team with us to the these villages. The team was led by Dr. Qasar Javed and Mrs. Norina Gill. In three days the medical team served over 1000 people. People are exposed to extremely un-hygienic conditions. Typhoid, cholera, malaria, diarrhea, and lots of other water born diseases are spreading. People are weak and malnourished, so they fall sick easily. Along with the treatment we also provided multivitamins to the patients.

After three days adventure, our team returned, exhausted but filled with thanks and the spirit of compassion. They were touched with the suffering and misery that the victims of flood are going through. They were overwhelmed by the damage done by the flood and needs of the people. It further inspired our team to continue to provide help and share the love of Jesus with the suffering humanity. People are begging to realize and respond to the love of Jesus. As moderator shared the good news of Jesus with the Hindu tribal people, some 15 people responded. They wanted to be baptized but our team thought it unwise at this stage. There is a demand of church building by those who have already accepted Jesus. We do not aim at converting the people but this is an additional blessing for those who do not know Jesus to come to know Jesus and respond positively and receive the greatest gift of God for the miserable and dying humanity.

We are truly and really grateful for our partners worldwide. Without your partnership we will not be able to serve these extremely needy people. This time I am not attaching any pictures with this report as my internet is not working well. For the pictures please visit our website www.presbyterianchurchpk.org. May God bless you.

Rev. Dr. Maqsood Kamil
Executive Secretary
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan.








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