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You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. (Matthew 5:14)

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Pakistan is facing the worst days of its history. The calamity of flood in Pakistan hit the all four provinces of Pakistan. UNO reported that flood in Pakistan spread more destruction than 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, 2010 earthquake in Haiti and 2004 Tsunami in Indian ocean. Conditions are getting worst day by day as more heavy rain is expected in affected areas and 2nd wave of flood is now starting the most devastated area of Sindh province. The worst calamity in the history of Pakistan has swallowed 1600 people including women and children. Death toll may rise as many towns and villages are not accessible and communications have been disrupted. Approximately 20 million are directly affected by flood. 895,259 houses have been damaged or destroyed by the cruel waves of flood. Millions of people are homeless and forced to live under the sky. The affected people are suffering with Shortage of food. Cruel flood has washed away the standing crops of the people which are their basic source of income. They have no shelter to save themselves from hot and rain. Ban-Ki Moon General Secretary UNO says that it is the worst disaster he has ever seen. The body of Christ in Pakistan feels its responsibility to rehabilitate the affected people of flood. Presbyterian Church of Pakistan always proved itself true disciple of Christ and became helping hand either in Natural disaster (earth quake, flood) or rehabilitation of Christian victims by Fundamentalist's attacks. Let's join hands to eliminate hunger, give shelter to the homeless and clothing to the needy. If you are willing to work with us contact us. We are also ready to provide logistic support to all who are willing to work between displaced people by flood in Pakistan.








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